Wednesday, 22 July 2009


it's almost 5 days now i'm in MALAYSIA, n all i do is just sitting at home, surfin d net n EAT!

uwaaaaaaaaa!. (i'm gonna gain weight babeh by d end of d day!hukhuk) *sigh

speaking of WEIGHT..

currently i'm addicted to a reality show, shown on hallmark channel called 'BIGGEST LOSER'

owkie owkie..

its not d LOSER thngy where ppl do 'L' sign with their fingers n put it on top of their forehead.


its a reality show fer overweight people.

a weight loss tv show

SERIOUSLY DEADLY MAJORLY having problems with their weight.

there are if i'm not mistaken, 18 contestent.

with 3 super solid fit bodies trainers.



n divided into 3 groups

by d end of evry week, they have to measure their weight.

d least team to have their team member lose weight, will be eliminated frm d game.
d best part of diz show is u can see how hard they struggle to achieve wt they want.
going thru troubles to get wat they want.
such a SHOW!
thumbs up for them.
winkwink says ; such a PASSION. touched by it!


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

Omg I ske tengok biggest loser! tak tau why... hehe
and the lady yang pika taruk pic tu..amazing sangat2 camne die ley kurus camtu!! cam magic je..

iecka said...

k.shikin!OMG!besh kn biggest loser.?pika sukee sgt3!a'ah2..mcm magic! unbelievble cgt!