Monday, 14 September 2009


i was tagged by k.amar ages ago n nw only i post this.
hehehhhe ;)
sowee k.amar!
well here it goes..

My Type of Guy

1.Do you need him/her to be good looking??

well..for me, it wily doesn't matter. asalkan sejuk mate memandang, its owkie with me.
i'm looking for kindness n generosity.hehe. dats matter! ;)
saye xminat sgt lelaki hemcem! ;)

2. Smart? matter, but depends on wt kinda smart r mcm2 menipu,?or smart menjawab?or smart at seeking for excuses.?haha nid to be soo smart.intermediate.
sederhana dlm semua.
'jawapan begitu beriman ye tuan2 n puan2'.

3. How about sense of humor?

double tick for this!
;) i love someone with gewd sense of humor.not too much though.
nt di sangke sakit jiwe.?hahaha.
kelakar laa awk nieyh!haha.n insyaAllah i dun want someone who is too strict.
mcm owg jge harimau kt BUN-BIN.?
(bun-bin = kebun binatang aka zoo)
ee..takowt.serem deyh!

4. How about piercings?

hehe.eventhough guy with piercing do look cute, charming, attractive, irresistable n etc etc etc..( hehe.lebeyh2 nieyh),
it doesn't include in my type of guy.
ayahanda sy bakal mengambil tindakan.haha.

5. Smells good?

suke! suke! suke!

well well well..if a guy do want a girl to keep him attacted to her at all time..
so does the girls hunn! ;)

i like d way u smell.
*peace peace*

6. Sings very good?

hehe.its not at the top of my list. ;)
its an advantage if he do.
but, he's not, n willing to sing for me eventhough he knew his voice is not dat gewd.
it wud be....

7. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?

i heard dat computer games geek n their games are unseparatable.
is it.?
internet freak then. hehe

8. Loves children?

it wud be a YESS!
who doesn't ayte.? ;)

dh abish dh...

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