Wednesday, 28 October 2009

re-born! ;)

n so, she feels re-born today.
28th october 2009,
she's 22 years old now! ;)
to whom?
to one lil senior over here.
she is LIL'. ;)

here is mbak AMAR AMIRAH.
n today,is her bday! ;)
happy b'day dearest k.amar!
pika wish all the best kat k.amar.selamat menjalani umo 22 thn.
eventhough its just a number ( bak kate k.ateem) hehe
but its life.i hope you stay strong! YEAY! k.amar kuat! ;)
thank you so much!
thanks for being sooooo nice to me.
thanks for listening, n thanks for advising. ;)
ur one very very very sweet sista!
n thanks for this.
this friendship u offers. ;)
i LAP youuuu! ;))

diz was taken by POWER RANGERS PURPLE k.amar.sweeet kan? hehehe. ;)
for this, i wish you n ur POWER RANGERS PURPLE
happy sokmo okeyh? ;)
pika ckp ganu?haaaa..amal punye keje laa nieyh.haha.
n grad on time n i'll be waiting for an invitation card to an occasion of you n ur POWER RANGERS PURPLE.taww?hehe. *winkwink*

something old school from k.amar personal collection. laaa xckap mereka ini sweet.hehe.
itulah bebayang pojaan ati kak amar.!
hehe.i'm waiting taww k.amar! for d invitation card.
weeeeee! ;)

k.amar ( with d arrow on top of her head) n iqa.
not me.another iqa. ;)
she just love something that increase her adrenaline!
nampak jew kecik k.amar nieyh.hee.**,me n k.amar, at CIPUTRA WATERPARK.
chomeyl kan LOVE tuu.hehe.
thanks a lot k.amar! thanks for this.

last but not least,

winkwink says ; today,another special date, other than diz beautiful lady's bday.hehe.thanks 'you'. ;)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sunday, 25 October 2009


tomorrow is the BIG day.!
stress stress stress.
nevertheless, laziness STRUCKS!
haha.shown ayte how malas i m.
its gonna be a very very very longggg 2 weeks.
tomorrow starting with IM = ilmu 10am.
sangat laaa malas study IM.
IM jew ke.?
btw, wish me LUCK everyone! i'll be needing it!

winkwink says ; SURABAYA bakal hujan.?woooshh! syafika abdul khalim likes this very much. ;)

but mind still at, i misss youuu!
btw, pissed off a bit this morning! perlu ke nk LIKE LIKE THIS owg tuu punye.belasah kang bwu taww! grrr!

Friday, 23 October 2009

meet her! <3

owkie2..its 4 am in d morning in surabaya.
n yess.wondering wut on earth
im doing at diz hour.
tomorrow QUIZ.n i haven't study yet!
dat explain why.hehe.
but feel lyke writing.
n here i m. ;)

out of nowhere.
im feeling lyke talking bowt my youngest sis!
yea yea..maybe 'kekangenan' struck kowt.
well, her name is Nurnawal Syibra,
hehe.nawal tuu saye yg bg!hehe.*banggebangge*
n believe it or not,
she was born on Dec 15th,
d same date i was born!
which makes the gap of years btween us,
cey cey, promote bday npk!haha

she's kinda different from my other siblings,
she has d CHINESE LOOK.
obviously im talking bout d small eyes she has.
which,different from my other siblings,
as we do have bigger eyes.
well,atleast not dat small. ;)

this is her when she was 1 year old i guess.heh!spot d eyes!;)

n here she is when she was 2 i guess.hehe.*eyes eyes*

n this tyme she's can tell by teeth actly.hahaha.gigi die dh byk.!haha*still eye-ing on the eyes*

i was in the 1st semester of matrix when diz pix was taken.which makes her, 3 yrs old n plus plus.hehe.*its was soo obvious,i mean d eyes* ;)

n this.recently taken.when i got back for raya.haha.she's 5 diz year. ;)

she loves singing n very GOOD at making video clips i tell you!haha
u shud see one.very very hilarious indeed.
hehe.maybe i shud post a video too.
but not now i guess.
n soon i'm gonna tell you.
why she is soo DIFFERENT compared to my other siblings.hehe

missing her this much makes me wanna write bout her.
she's d sun in d rain.
owkie,gotta go.
QUIZ calling!hehe.
thank you for reading! ;)

winkwink says ; clearer view of rainbows. is it wut im waiting for? ;) i guess so.i'll keep on waiting then. ;))

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


is just around the corner.
there's plenty plenty plenty of revision to be done.
haha.spe sruh xstudy awal2 iecka.sooo clever!

and most of the subjects,
thanks to the 'dokters',
the exams will be in essay!
just imagine.!
which makes me..
a MEMORIZING MACHINE for this week.
i bold it in red bcos the machine will explode.haha

wish me luck u guys!
needing it badly!huuu~
hopefully it wudn't be dat bad.hopefully.

winkwink says ; go study! stop facebook-ing! haha.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

inner disturbance

its 2350 WIB.
and i'm stuck with my MICRO report.
looking at my desk.
why laaa..

no mood.
for anything.
not feeling ryte.
not in d ryte mood.
why laaa..

why laaa..

winkwink says ; no one can help u.except for HIM.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Sunday, 18 October 2009

18 OCT 2009

happy bday miraaaa! ;)
diz iz the 3rd birthday post im writing bout in these four days.hahaha.
well, today is AMIRA ADNAN birthday!
last nyte we all did plan sumtynk for her.
sharp at 11 pm WIB which is 12 am in Malaysia,
we all surprised her with a bday cake!
n sum 'pwesent' too!
cake fight!

this is mira.

hehe.cmlm mira lagi cntik afta cake fight
well, i wish you a very happy bday mira!

and there's more.
i'm quite happy today.
yelaaa..its true.
'dlm kesedihan,pasti ada kegembiraan yang terselit'
n vice versa.
today,evnthough agak cdeyh.
sumtynk really put a smile on my face.
had dinner with u-noe-who.hehehe
*melayang layang mode*

winkwink says ; alhamdulillah.the rain has slow down, n i saw a rainbow coming.soon enough i guess.hold on iecka! :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

chomeyl tak?

disebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas di medulla oblongata,
yang memBLOCK aliran keluar masuk,
inilah yang terjadi.hehehe.
ini adalah siblings saye pada zaman mude2 dwlu.


17th october 2009,
at 5.14 am WIB,

i wud LOVE to dedicate this post of mine,
to d one n only,
my AYAH,
a very happy b'day! ;)

this is him.
okeyh,sgt susah nk dpt pix ayah as he doesn't enjoy takin' pix mcm anak2 die.haha.eleyh,ckp jewla ko iecka,anak2 knon.haha

ayah was born in d 60's,
which makes him sweet 46 diz year to be specific. ;)

along wud like to thank you for everything you've done for us.
for along, angah, ameem, adik n baby.
you have never let us down.
n you try ur besh to brought us up.
you did soo many things to make us happy.
u r the coolest daddy ever!
with 5 mischievous DAUGHTER.
ur one very strong n dedicated dad.
you worked so hard.
you tried ur besh.
you tried to give us almost anything we ever wanted.
we complain n complain,
u'll never turn away n keep on smiling.
thanks ayah.!

ayah with his SUPER HAWT GF, noridah ibrahim, my ibu.hehe

ayah, along will do this, n make this possible.
i'm gonna go through all this because of you n ibu.
i will never ever gonna give up n let both of u down.
not again.
this is my bday present for you ayah.
i wanna make you n ibu HAPPY.
let us.
for u already done yours.


winkwink says ; aaaaarrkk.suddenly mishh home lyke soo MUCH. btw btw 'he' likes my it a gewd sign.?i HOPE soo! ;)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


today is Amal's TWENTIETH bday!hehehe
20! 20! 20!
here is she..


happy bday to u..happy bday to u..
happy bday to amal munirah ahmad!!
happy bday to u!

happy bday mal.! thanx for being one of my bonded stranger.
(refer post sebelumnya ;P )

thanx a lott amal.
thanx for letting me stay at ur house when im in need.
thanx saluu masak ble ktowg dtg uma.
thanx for lending me ur ears.
n thanx for sharing. ;)

i luv u laa AMAL.!

here is amal with her another syg besides 'che am'.

kekasih hati amal yg nieyh tggl kt uma di Malaysia.atas sbb2 tertentu.hehe.

we've known each other for a year ++
n i thanked HIM for giving me a friend like you.
may u be blessed by HIM.
given great health.great family, friends n company.
n may u be one of the best DENTIST ever.
n i'll pray for ur happiness with him.

sayaaaaaangg amal! <33

winkwink says ; mal, bday pwesent xcmpat nk bly laa..ika owe amal bday pwesent taww yg.hehehe.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


suck up the droplets,
think wise,
made up ur mind,
head aheads,
empty ur mind,
face it with a strong heart,
n believe,
everything's gonna be alright,
n everything's gonna be just fine.

looking through d windows,
yes,looking upon the sky,
HE's there.
HE's there to enlighten ur day,
HE's there to guide u,
HE's there to make it possible.
HE's the one who hold the greatest love of all,
HE's the creator of HIS masterpiece.
and u..
u just have to be with HIM,
ask for ur wishes,
in sick or in health,
in joy or in sorrow,
HE never forgets u.
n u can't live without HIM.

looking to the desk,
a picture.
a man n a lady.
standing by one another.
the one who'll try to never let u down.
the one who'll always try and try for ur happiness.
the one who always sacrifice for ur good.
the one that will never give up on u.
cos u are theirs.
and they love u.

hearing a laughter in my mind,
reminds me of u..
my little angels.
that eventhough they fight,
eventhough they cry,
they still love one another.
their cute little faces,
n their tiny hands,
n the noise that they made.
sometimes annoys u..
but u never hate it.
cos u know,
they will leave u a smile,
when they go.

and as u walk down the stairs,
u see them.
the one dat will be at ur side.
ready to catch u if u fall.
and make u laugh when ur feeling down.
the bond between u n them.
are special yet unique.
u r stranger to one another.
but as the word 'FRIEND' across this line..
me n u already become bonded.

n u..
only time will tell.
leaves will change colour,
tree will grow taller,
sea will hit the sand stronger,
wut we have..
wut we dream of,
wut we promise one another,
will never change.
time will always tell.

i ask HIM for forgiveness n peace in me,
i ask they to stand still by my side,
i ask them to keep on making noise,
n i ask the bonded stranger to hold still,
cos i need all of u.
n u,
i ask u,
if u r still there,
to always walk beside me,
through this path together.
n if u can't,
which time will tell,
with a strong heart,
with a peace mind,
i'll keep on walking by my own.
without knowing..
that i still have them at my back.

by iecka.

Saturday, 10 October 2009





hehe.diz mownink itself..i dy finish diz one episode.hehe


one very simple,kinda annoying word to be heard.
some say,


n some say,


n some say,


diz mownink i found something really really adorable
in FB.
n guess wut.?
a lil gurl saying whatever.
she is soooo cute!
i think i shud post the video here.
bt i think im a bit slow in technology,
i have no idea
hw to make dat possible.
owkie,i'll try!.
or else, u can find at FB,on the name of

little girl saying 'WAtever~' ^^

hehehe.well..last but not least,


Friday, 9 October 2009

PIX at anisa's. ;)

because of some probs d otha day, i cudn't upload are some of them. :)
me n thahirah babe


my jantung

si chantek & si winkwink

kami. ;)

3 stooges, kate ibu saye. ;DD

Thursday, 8 October 2009

the HERO!

meet muhammad ashmaan danish! ;)
adorable ayte.?hehehe.

owkie..on oct 3rd, my hsemates n i attacked the residence of syanaz n a.hakim.
to meet diz lil' hero of theirs.
i met him dy before this, but didn't hve a chance to hve a closer look.
n on dat day, we met again!
kn kn kn?hehehe.
here is some pix of us there. ;)

the housemates with the hero.

me with the hero! ;) double loike this pix.!

facebook ka.? x)


ekin, syaz and eva with the hero.

last piece.hehehe

winkwink says ; welcome dearest! may u be bless for you're 'ready be. ;)

suddenly across my mind

in the mood of posting post.?
apekah ayat ini.?haha.pape jewla.
in the mood of posting posts today..
something did came across my mynd.
well..i did understand ur very nice intention,
sometimes,u can't apply it to all.
human are different.
they were made to be different.
maybe similar here n there..
but they cud never be the same.
some ppl eats durian n some not.
some enjoy sports, some don't.
some scream and cry when they're bitten n some just seeks for revenge.
that are up n down of life.
the one that brighten up ur day,n the one that brings u down.
its normal.
n in however methode they use, its them.
human cud never be the same.
n they took time.
kawan, thanx for never turning back.sayang kamuh2!

winkwink says ; melancoly nyeee post nieh!hahaha.ok ok, better move on to the next post. ;)

RAYA DAY at anisa sufia's place.!

owkie..i think diz post shud be written long long long tyme ago..
i suppose..
i dun even care!
haha.nk post jugak! ;) has been a while since i didn't had raya with my munchkins.

last year beraye kt surabaya.huhu.refer the pix beloww. ;)

this is us a year ago. ;)

sooo..this year..i'm back.
to had raya in Malaysia.
anisa is sooo kind to offer us to raya at hers.!
thanxie darl.!
btw btw..

dz iz anisa.


hehehe.this is a candid!she was looking at the gate waiting 4 the arrival of VVVIPss!
n ere is d VVVIPss.

my love ones.

it was nice to see them.can't wait to raya again with them.
bt chaol wasn't there.
chaol : Shahrul Bahiyah Mawardi.
she's a gurl kayh.!

winkwink says ; there's loadss of pix to be share but jamm lakk internet 2nyte.its owkie.laterr add up pix. ;)


owkie..1st of all...
it has been a while..i din write..
i mean..
lotsa lotsa lotsa thing hve been happening.
seriously do.!
i wud say this post will be a beginning of something i missed to tell.
i dun want this post to be soooo LONGGGGG.
cut it short.
read the next post.hehehe.
i'm back dearie rainbows bucket!