Saturday, 17 October 2009


17th october 2009,
at 5.14 am WIB,

i wud LOVE to dedicate this post of mine,
to d one n only,
my AYAH,
a very happy b'day! ;)

this is him.
okeyh,sgt susah nk dpt pix ayah as he doesn't enjoy takin' pix mcm anak2 die.haha.eleyh,ckp jewla ko iecka,anak2 knon.haha

ayah was born in d 60's,
which makes him sweet 46 diz year to be specific. ;)

along wud like to thank you for everything you've done for us.
for along, angah, ameem, adik n baby.
you have never let us down.
n you try ur besh to brought us up.
you did soo many things to make us happy.
u r the coolest daddy ever!
with 5 mischievous DAUGHTER.
ur one very strong n dedicated dad.
you worked so hard.
you tried ur besh.
you tried to give us almost anything we ever wanted.
we complain n complain,
u'll never turn away n keep on smiling.
thanks ayah.!

ayah with his SUPER HAWT GF, noridah ibrahim, my ibu.hehe

ayah, along will do this, n make this possible.
i'm gonna go through all this because of you n ibu.
i will never ever gonna give up n let both of u down.
not again.
this is my bday present for you ayah.
i wanna make you n ibu HAPPY.
let us.
for u already done yours.


winkwink says ; aaaaarrkk.suddenly mishh home lyke soo MUCH. btw btw 'he' likes my it a gewd sign.?i HOPE soo! ;)

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