Thursday, 8 October 2009

the HERO!

meet muhammad ashmaan danish! ;)
adorable ayte.?hehehe.

owkie..on oct 3rd, my hsemates n i attacked the residence of syanaz n a.hakim.
to meet diz lil' hero of theirs.
i met him dy before this, but didn't hve a chance to hve a closer look.
n on dat day, we met again!
kn kn kn?hehehe.
here is some pix of us there. ;)

the housemates with the hero.

me with the hero! ;) double loike this pix.!

facebook ka.? x)


ekin, syaz and eva with the hero.

last piece.hehehe

winkwink says ; welcome dearest! may u be bless for you're 'ready be. ;)


Amar Amirah said...

mule la sekor2 berangan nak baby tuh...pika...bende baik x elok dilambat2kan..huehehhe

iecka said...

hahahahaha.ade kew..mne dewlaa k.amar!hehehehee.pika lmbt agy! tgu k.amar n power rangers purple k.amar ade 2 bby!hehehhee