Friday, 23 October 2009

meet her! <3

owkie2..its 4 am in d morning in surabaya.
n yess.wondering wut on earth
im doing at diz hour.
tomorrow QUIZ.n i haven't study yet!
dat explain why.hehe.
but feel lyke writing.
n here i m. ;)

out of nowhere.
im feeling lyke talking bowt my youngest sis!
yea yea..maybe 'kekangenan' struck kowt.
well, her name is Nurnawal Syibra,
hehe.nawal tuu saye yg bg!hehe.*banggebangge*
n believe it or not,
she was born on Dec 15th,
d same date i was born!
which makes the gap of years btween us,
cey cey, promote bday npk!haha

she's kinda different from my other siblings,
she has d CHINESE LOOK.
obviously im talking bout d small eyes she has.
which,different from my other siblings,
as we do have bigger eyes.
well,atleast not dat small. ;)

this is her when she was 1 year old i guess.heh!spot d eyes!;)

n here she is when she was 2 i guess.hehe.*eyes eyes*

n this tyme she's can tell by teeth actly.hahaha.gigi die dh byk.!haha*still eye-ing on the eyes*

i was in the 1st semester of matrix when diz pix was taken.which makes her, 3 yrs old n plus plus.hehe.*its was soo obvious,i mean d eyes* ;)

n this.recently taken.when i got back for raya.haha.she's 5 diz year. ;)

she loves singing n very GOOD at making video clips i tell you!haha
u shud see one.very very hilarious indeed.
hehe.maybe i shud post a video too.
but not now i guess.
n soon i'm gonna tell you.
why she is soo DIFFERENT compared to my other siblings.hehe

missing her this much makes me wanna write bout her.
she's d sun in d rain.
owkie,gotta go.
QUIZ calling!hehe.
thank you for reading! ;)

winkwink says ; clearer view of rainbows. is it wut im waiting for? ;) i guess so.i'll keep on waiting then. ;))


chipsmore said...

alololo..comelnya diaaa ;)

iecka said...

hehe.die laen ckiyt cikepal.sbb mate die jew yg sepet dlm family.mate ktowg bsr2 sumee.hehe.chomeyl kn.?mulut die pun chomeyl.haha.byk ckp. ;))

joegrimjow said...

seyes singing lagu budak2 akan nampak lagi kecomelan die

iecka said...

jogrimjow ; hahaha.crious.! agree cgt3! ;))

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

mmg comel sangat2 pika..eii.deyam nye tengok die.

iecka said...

hehehehe.ade x gwam mcm tgk kakak die yg nieyh k.nad?hehehe.