Thursday, 8 October 2009

RAYA DAY at anisa sufia's place.!

owkie..i think diz post shud be written long long long tyme ago..
i suppose..
i dun even care!
haha.nk post jugak! ;) has been a while since i didn't had raya with my munchkins.

last year beraye kt surabaya.huhu.refer the pix beloww. ;)

this is us a year ago. ;)

sooo..this year..i'm back.
to had raya in Malaysia.
anisa is sooo kind to offer us to raya at hers.!
thanxie darl.!
btw btw..

dz iz anisa.


hehehe.this is a candid!she was looking at the gate waiting 4 the arrival of VVVIPss!
n ere is d VVVIPss.

my love ones.

it was nice to see them.can't wait to raya again with them.
bt chaol wasn't there.
chaol : Shahrul Bahiyah Mawardi.
she's a gurl kayh.!

winkwink says ; there's loadss of pix to be share but jamm lakk internet 2nyte.its owkie.laterr add up pix. ;)

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