Thursday, 8 October 2009

suddenly across my mind

in the mood of posting post.?
apekah ayat ini.?haha.pape jewla.
in the mood of posting posts today..
something did came across my mynd.
well..i did understand ur very nice intention,
sometimes,u can't apply it to all.
human are different.
they were made to be different.
maybe similar here n there..
but they cud never be the same.
some ppl eats durian n some not.
some enjoy sports, some don't.
some scream and cry when they're bitten n some just seeks for revenge.
that are up n down of life.
the one that brighten up ur day,n the one that brings u down.
its normal.
n in however methode they use, its them.
human cud never be the same.
n they took time.
kawan, thanx for never turning back.sayang kamuh2!

winkwink says ; melancoly nyeee post nieh!hahaha.ok ok, better move on to the next post. ;)

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