Tuesday, 13 October 2009


suck up the droplets,
think wise,
made up ur mind,
head aheads,
empty ur mind,
face it with a strong heart,
n believe,
everything's gonna be alright,
n everything's gonna be just fine.

looking through d windows,
yes,looking upon the sky,
HE's there.
HE's there to enlighten ur day,
HE's there to guide u,
HE's there to make it possible.
HE's the one who hold the greatest love of all,
HE's the creator of HIS masterpiece.
and u..
u just have to be with HIM,
ask for ur wishes,
in sick or in health,
in joy or in sorrow,
HE never forgets u.
n u can't live without HIM.

looking to the desk,
a picture.
a man n a lady.
standing by one another.
the one who'll try to never let u down.
the one who'll always try and try for ur happiness.
the one who always sacrifice for ur good.
the one that will never give up on u.
cos u are theirs.
and they love u.

hearing a laughter in my mind,
reminds me of u..
my little angels.
that eventhough they fight,
eventhough they cry,
they still love one another.
their cute little faces,
n their tiny hands,
n the noise that they made.
sometimes annoys u..
but u never hate it.
cos u know,
they will leave u a smile,
when they go.

and as u walk down the stairs,
u see them.
the one dat will be at ur side.
ready to catch u if u fall.
and make u laugh when ur feeling down.
the bond between u n them.
are special yet unique.
u r stranger to one another.
but as the word 'FRIEND' across this line..
me n u already become bonded.

n u..
only time will tell.
leaves will change colour,
tree will grow taller,
sea will hit the sand stronger,
wut we have..
wut we dream of,
wut we promise one another,
will never change.
time will always tell.

i ask HIM for forgiveness n peace in me,
i ask they to stand still by my side,
i ask them to keep on making noise,
n i ask the bonded stranger to hold still,
cos i need all of u.
n u,
i ask u,
if u r still there,
to always walk beside me,
through this path together.
n if u can't,
which time will tell,
with a strong heart,
with a peace mind,
i'll keep on walking by my own.
without knowing..
that i still have them at my back.

by iecka.