Thursday, 5 November 2009


looking at d post title..
surely something happen ayte?
haha.well,kind of!
last saturday,which was on oct 31st,
we had something for our belated bday girl.!
check it out! ;)

venue : galaxy mall

k.amar's and pika's. ;)

belated bday girl. ;)

hehe.pusing pusing jalan jalan while waiting for those at izzi's setting up.

2nd stop, BREADTALK.before heading UP! hehe

muke surprised k.amar! haha.

those who came.hehe. a.mae, k.rina, k.nad n a.acap. ;))

kriukk kriukk.lapa ek everyone?hehe.order order! ;P

hehe.the planner, k.nad & the surprised victim, k.amar. hehe *heartheart*

the sengetSS! baaaaaa.! ;P

the highlights.*pasangan power rangers purple* jengJENGjeng! ;)

hehe.something's fishy.apekah?

tadaaa! inilah something's fishy tuuu! for you k.amar! *creditt to miss gorgeous.hehe

bloww the candles k.amar! make a wishh! heh.apekah wish itu?*winkwink*

*spaghetti bolognese*

stress ke anyone?hehehe.oww no! welcome to DISNEYland! ;PP

thanks y'all! hehe.y'all make the night glitters than ever! ;)

hehehe.wit k.nad! she's d one who makes that night a success.hehe.hope u lyke it k.amar! ;))

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