Thursday, 31 December 2009

Alohaaaaa baby!

but what's behind?
2009 has been soooo loyal.being there each & everyday without walking away.

highlights of 2009 :

1.we had blast on semester break & you let me met them. ;) *touched*
2. awesome & great things happen in Surabaya!
3. my family! home sweet home.eventhough it was short, i do make full use of it. *winkwink*
4. angah finally fly to egypt. & i'm alone again. -_-"
5. supportive friends that never turned me down. i love youu guys.
6. those days full with sorrow.i owed you guys too much.thank youuuu!
7. awak. ;)

those memories you carry are precious.hold them tight.
i'm soo gonna miss you & those memories.

2010..pretty please be nice to me? ;P
still thinking of what's next in 2010.heh!

winkwink says ; FINALS coming.! study ieckaaaaa!


nana said...

hapy new year iecka!! =))

iecka said...

nana ; thanks nana! hehe.happy new year too! :)