Friday, 25 December 2009

Candid Photo Contest ;)

& again..after half day blogwalking..
i found another contest, & decided to join.hehehe.
CONTEST MANIAC at your door step!!
well,this tyme..i found this at Mr Halim's Blog.

*jeng jeng jeng*
the contest is very very very simple!
be Mr Halim's follower, named your entry after 'Candid Photo Contest', copy & paste the banner up there & link it back to the contest.& do drop your entry link at Mr Halim's comment.
simple ayte?hehehe.
for further infos..CLICKclick at the banner kayh u guys?eheh! ;)

well,out of all..
i choose this pix! ;P


hehehe.yes! that's me.
yes.flowerish top.jeans.& yes.purple handbag.
that's me! ;)
you guys must be wondering why on earth am i behaving that way?
apekah iecka???!
haha.i was surprised by my beautiful sisters!on my 20th birthday!
sangat sangat sangat shocked.
barely able to breathe.
haha.sungguh melampau metaphore.
& yes.those tangan was one of my beautiful sister's hands.
tried to calm me down.
saya shocked & surprised gile okeyh.
& thanks to my another beautiful sister for capturing this.
happy moments.& unforgetable.thank you!
as you guys can see..
saya di candid!

Mr Halim, i supposed this is what you mean by candid kan?hehe.
thank youu for helding this & letting me join this.
hehehe. ;))

tootles everyone! :)

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