Saturday, 19 December 2009

mama,you are the QUEEN of my heart!

hehe.assured by miss Amar Amirah, one of my beautiful kakak..
CLICK CLICK to know her better :)
i join this contest held by kak Pja! ;)
its a Mother-Daughter contest.
feel free to join it!
CLICKCLICK on the banner okeyh? ;))
you just have to submit a photo of your mother & you, in a picture or collage,&
SUBMIT it! as simple as A B C ryte? :))

i've join it too!

here it is & Wallah! ;)
this is my mum & i.
&& usually people mistakenly thought she's my eldest sis!

you are the one & only.
you are my guardian angel.
you are my everything.

& I LOVE YOU! :)

'terima kasih emak,keranamu aku disini!'


~pendekgemukbertompok.~ said...

thanks dear!you two do look like sisters;p


cik EPAL said...

good luck :)

iecka said...

k.pja ; hehehe! thank youu k.pja! hehehe.thank youu! hehe.

xoxo too! ;)

iecka said...

cik EPAL ; maceyy cik epal! ;)) hehe