Wednesday, 9 December 2009


PEEK-A-BOO everyone!
hehehe. ;))
it was such a longggg & tiring day!
& as i was blogwalking..
i found this!


i found this at cik wawa's blog.!
she's helding a contest.the PRINCESS KEBAYA CONTEST.
&& i decided to join it.for fun owkie.! ;) hehe
& here i am.!

first of all,hye cik wawa!
it seems lyke so many people are interested over it!
YEAY! clapclap to cik wawa! ;)

& here it goes.. ;)
this is me.& my turquoise kebaya. :)

hehe.this is the kebaya that i bought for last 'eid fitri.this year 'eid fitri.this is an Indonesian Traditional Kebaya. ;)
i bought this at JMP : Jembatan Merah Plaza, Surabaya, Indonesia.
oooo..forgot to tell you.!im Malaysian & proud to be one.& im just here for education. ;)

this kebaya was supposed to be one of my raya collection.
unfortunately,it doesn't fit was too big.& i couldn't find any way other than to wait for raya to end & alter it.
right after raya, we we're having a sports carnival in Malang, Indonesia which were joined by us,the SURABAYAian students, the JOGJAs & the Malang people themselves. :)
later that night,we were having dinner & i decided to put this on!
&& here i am. ;)'s so true that kebaya over here are cheap yet best in quality!
& just imagine this doesn't cost you more than RM150! hehee. ;p
& the reason i chose turquoise is because im soo in LOVE with the colour!hehe.

*the end*

winkwink says ; the Princess Kebaya Contest is still on! till 12.15pm on the 17th of dec 2009! hehehe.COME & JOIN! ;) for further infos,click click on cik wawa's link owkie?hehe!


wawa said...

salam kenal iecka =)

thanks ye join contest akak...
syarat suma dh ok....
nak kirim beli 1 leh:) cantik!!
k good luck...tunggu result ye

iecka said...

hehehe! thank youu kak! ;))
hehehe.boleyh boleyh! ;P

ezy eizyanie said...

iecka ex kmpk right?

iecka said...

ezy eizyanie ; w'slm..a'ah..iecka ex-kmpk.ezy pn kew? :)

ezy eizyanie said...

yup iecka~
ezy ex kmpk gak~
patut mcm penah nmpak muke awk~
nice to meet u k~

iecka said...

ezy ; owww..yekew? hehe.surprised cgt dpt jmpe ex kmpk kt blog.hehe. nice to meet u too ezy! hehe