Wednesday, 16 December 2009

.thank you.

yesterday was Dec, 15th, 2009.
which happen to be my 20th birthday.

i was so happy yesterday!
thanks to those who texts & wishing me on my birthday.
&& super duper thanks to people that made my night yesterday.
seriously, i was sooo surprised.
im shocked!
i couldn't explain my feeling that moment.
it was so beautiful.
starting with the icy blue thingy, the Jco donuts cake, penang village & my birthday cake!

thank you to my beautiful kakaks & their partners & awak for this.
i was soo touched.indeed.soo touched by it.
despite of hectic schedule, 7am-3pm classes, tons of notes waiting to be read..
you guys still spare some time for this.
for me.
uuuu..i can see some droplets coming..
thank youu sooo much dearest kakaks & partners.!
you all made my night!
& awak, thank you.thanks for being meant a lot.

as a token of appreciation, i give you this! ;))



psychokiddo said...

yey,, i loike! :)

nana said...

hye iecka =)
happy belated birthday!!

iecka said...

hehehe! thank ili ili ili ali! hehehe.this post is for you as well! ;))

iecka said...

nana ; thanksss nana! hehehe. thank youu! ;)

sophie said...

hehehehe..sudaa tua laa..epy befday..

iecka said...

sophie ; hehehe.maceyyy sophie! ;)) sweeetnyee wish! thank you! :)

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

pika,nnty eh bile akak free and internet LAJU, akak upload the bday pics. mwaxxxxxxx

iecka said...

k.nad ; hehehehe! ;)) owkie k.nad! hehehe.take ur tyme! ;)) heheh.btw btw.. thank youuu! mwahxxx