Tuesday, 1 December 2009

things are wayy better there!

yup! yup!

things are much much, double, triple, quadruple better back there in Malaysia.!
i was having such an HACTIC day..
doing ONE thing!
why laaa.?
why laaa dey?.

ONE thing & it took me bowt 3hours to settle things up.

in Malaysia, we just sit back & relax while waiting for things to settle up.
like like..for example, bills.


phone, internet, credit card, electric & water bills.
by the end of the month, we're gonna receive the bills & pay up.
over here, unfortunately they aren't.
you're the one who's gonna find what's the amount, & where ur gonna pay it, & when.
its soo complicated n tiring!
i mean, c'mon!
& if u ignore it or dun even noe bowt it..


its gone.!

winkwink says ; morals of the story, be grateful of what u have.&& pay ur bills on time?haha

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