Friday, 29 January 2010

wanna know something.?

10 things about me & i bet that you wouldn't want to know!haha.

10 piece of clothing you own and love:
loveee them all actually.! hehe.but really love my shawls & sweater.! cuz most of the time, that's what i wear the most.hehe.owww.& shirts.HOT HOT SURABAYA.haha

9 things you want to learn about:
play GUITAR! *hehe* & ride bikes & use photoshop * IT BLIND ye saye.haha.* & make great food which includes icecream & sleep without my bantal busuk & salsa & yoga & kick boxing & cut my own hair.haha

8 things that make you happy:
icecreams! & cartoons & cam-whoring & karaoke-ing & beaches & rainbows & passed exams with flying COLOURS & whatever that makes my loved ones happy! ;)

7 things that frustrates you:
promise breaker & ignorance & two face & lizards & hothead & big fat liar & to be away.

6 stuffed animals you own:
hahaha.i love this! let see..bear, dolphin, lamb, panda, duck, elephant, rabbit, mario..oww, more than 6.?!

5 TV/Movies/Books you can quote:
i'm not sure what exactly this Q is looking for, but.. i love those in New Moon Movie & A Walk To Remember & Tritan & Isolde& Ps I Love You & Joy&Comfort. ;)) Love the Tristan & Isolde the most! ;))

4 people you would punch if given a chance:
definitely LOVE this!.you..& you... & yea, you & you! settle! next! hahaha.

3 magazines you like:
rarely read them nowadays but into seventeen, vogue & galaxy.! or is it galaxie.?haha.forget ady.hehehe.

2 things you should be doing right now:
owww..packing up & take a nap! haha. HELLO MALAYSIA! ;))

1 person you want to see:
for now, my family. can't wait to see them. ;))

& YES! i'm feeling like on one of those now! OVERJOYED! ta saba nak balik!! hehe.KLCC, i miss youu! awww! hehehe.

winkwink says ; yourself & come to the 2nd Hot Air Balloons Festival in Putrajaya this March! unfortunately, self declare, i'm a bit pissed off. cos wouldn't have the chance to be there.huhu.& Pesta Buku Antarabangsa as well.huu.

winkwink says says ; owww..Mr Hamster.take a good care of yourself okay.? gonna missss you like cwazyyy.huhu. (T_T)


Saffy Safiah said...

since k.saffy tade keje.
i want to re-do this as tag :D
have fun enjoying malaysia's air.

iecka said...

hehehe.mongo mongo k.saffy! hehehe.ta sabar na bace post k.saffy! hehehe.
thank youu! hehe.
k.saffy bila balik.?