Thursday, 11 March 2010

sakit nyeeee.tak tahan.!
as far as i'm concern, i don't have migraine.
sakit sakit sakit!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

sneak peak

this is a sneak peak of my current holiday.
it was one memorable one as before and it comfort me so much till droplets runs through my cheeks as the time to go back comes.
well.hold the sad part.
its mumbo-jumbo part we are going to talk about.
weee hooooo!

first, met this two beloved person of mine.
ye ye kinot.seperti dijanjikan.'kinot cute'.
request anda dilayan.walaupun susah nak cakap.
dah ckp dh pun.haha.

* shida & kinot *

we met at KLCC.
haha.i know i know.
but..biarlah.i miss KLCC okay!
we had Nasi Ayam for lunch & watched Spy Next Door.
it was great meeting the two of you! rinduuu. grrr.

up next.
met fellow kakaks & abgs.
we went on the Hop On Hop Off Bus.
which runs thoroughly KL.
aaaaa.feel like tourist.haha
& so, we met at KL Sentral at 11am as our very first pit stop.

taking picta is a must! credits to kak iman. ;)
* a.syamir, k.nad ribena, me, a.imran *

& from there we went Hop-On-Hop-Off-ing,
thorough KL. we went to Istana Budaya, Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa, crossed Lake Garden, Star Hill, Central Market, Chinatown & others.

& that ends around 7 pm.we hopped off to our very last stop which was back to KL Sentral again.
it was tiring though but i enjoyed it so muchh! ;)
& now only i know, after being a KL citizen for more than 20 years, there's still things i don't know about KL. hehe.


i went paintball-ing with Mr Hamster's sis, Sis Wawa & friends.hehe.
it's near by my house actually.
Isi Rimba Paintball Centre, Kemensah.
it was sooo fun. ooo.& the gun.its soo heavy!
they called it as the marker. ;P
suffered muscle pain the next morning.haha.

*sis wawa & me*

ignore the runner.haha.very classy ayte?haha
it's around 10 am when we started playing. after the briefing & yada yada yadaaa.
it's like almost 20 of us.
h*ll was exhausting than ever.
btw btw, enjoy the pics. :)

after that, we headed to Wangsa Walk to grab teatime.
ngeeee~ escalator Wangsa Walk & friends.haha

thank youuuu sooo much sis.
for the game, dine & shirt. LOVE it soo much! ;)
& everyone, i felt welcome.thank youuuuu.hehehe

last but not least.
jeng jeng jeng.
my very favourite people of mine.
my munchikins!
YEAY!finally i met my munchikins.heee.
i can't tell how happy i am to finally meet them.
its like soooo soooo soooo hard to gather all at the same time.
well, most of them finally.
we met in Sg Wang.had lunch at Johnny's.and...

us at Johnny's. ;P

*chaol, me, sya. shakie, wa*

after that, someone have to leave. & we continued chit chatting at mamak.
old time favourite.
Ali Bee. :)
manja kan name?haha.well.acececee.haha.
its actly stands for Ali Bistro.
gempak betul mamak nowadays.


hereby, i would love to say...

winkwink says ; holiday were soooo much FUN & relaxing.& i wanna declare something.I'M NOT READY TO COME BACK & NOT READY FOR THIS SEM TO COME. ibuuuuu! i want home.!preety pleaseee.nguuu~

this is soo not a sneak peak.