Friday, 28 May 2010

for you dear love :)

looking back, it has been 4 years since i left school.
my hot-to-go-aumm school.
all girl school that is located in the heart of KL.
how much i miss school.
the classrooms.the hall.the stage.the court.field.ohhh..
and out of all.the people.
the one that has been accompanying me for five-bittersweet-years.
with those white top, blue long skirt, school bagde, name tag, pony-tail hair, short nails, school socks, white shoes..

i still remember the first day of high school.which is 9 years ago.
we were so happy that we're in the same class.
ear-to-ear smile. :)
well, out of the 8 classes, we're the 'naughtiest'.
troublesome us.naughty.loud.everything.

one weird thing.
all of us are the same. & we're in the same classroom.
sorry teachers for the mischievous things we've done. *wink*

that is when we're in the lower form aka before PMR.
after that, we're divided into streams & classes.
everyone separated.
but we still met one another during recess.
ohh my.
still.we're the loudest.full with giggles.jokes.smiles.happy faces.

& now, what i can do, is just reminisce those happy moments.
wanting those days back is one impossible thing to do.
but, you can always keep up the friendship that you've made.
still, our friendship last till today.
it has been 9 years since we've known one another.
& some are just more than 10 years.
i hope, this will last forever & ever, for i hate losing any one of you.

Friends are easy to get. but those who are really sincere of becoming one, the one who's willing to share & listen. to give & take. to hear & advise, to cry & smile, are just one in millions.

& you know what ?
i thank God for giving me such dearie like you..

one very fine day..
' dear, these are Mummy's bestfriends. we've known each other ever since school.'
i want to say this.

one very fine day. :)


SAFfy SafiAh said...

eh muke pika macam akma AF tu lah. kenal tak? hahah.
bestnya skola pompuan *wink

iecka said...

haaa..yekew k.saffy?haha.mcm tak jew..hehe.kenal kenal.tyme tu minat AF lagii.ngee..
skola pompuan beshhh.ehe.kitorg laa pmpuan kitorg laa lelaki.hehe.nakal same jew..hehe.

Sara Lyana said...

ade org rindu skolah ni.. hehe :P

iecka ♥ said...

sara ; hehe.rinduuu sangat laa sara.hehe. mane bole tak rinduu.awk msti rinduu jugak nieyh.hehe