Sunday, 4 July 2010

Candy Cane & Almond London

July has finally landed.
i always love July, as it resemble my favourite number, which is 7.
but this year, July has drop some sadness to me.
they are going home.for real. for good.
& since I've been here for two years, they really made me feel like home. :")

*good time might take seconds.but the moment, is to be carried forever*

they are my seniors. well. more than a senior actually. they are my sisters. my friends. my kakak.

i still remember how i met her. she claimed that i look alike like her sister. we met when I was having orientation with the Malaysian students. where, i was the one who get bullied & she's th
e one who's bullying me.hahaha..
'macam Aida kan???'. she asked everyone around who knows her sister.
& as usual.i was very very very blur.haha.
it was her birthday that night. i still remember.her soulmate carry a cake on his hand infront of the entire students. & what was on mind is.. 'that is so sweet.she's lucky'. :)
but but..they were the one who bullied me the most.the most okayy.she kept on asking me to throw my smile
( well, we weren't allowed to smile.well.which is VERY DIFFICULT for me to do so.haha ),
& she kept on calling me.. 'Syafika takde H!' haha..

this is her. Arina Aliaa. :)

& she. i knew her, from her as well. i knew her in
campus. infront of Ibu Wati's room ( the lady who's responsible to help us, the Malaysian students here. )
i was looking for my friend actually when she sms me.

Me : K.rina, nampak shikin tak?
K.rina : ade ni dgn kite. kenape pika?
Me : Laa..penat carik die dr tadi.haha.suh die duk situ diam diam.haha..

& as i arrived there, i didn't see the friend i was looking for.but instead, i saw k.rina with
a bunch of girls.
i was very confused. ( blur actually.haha )

K.rina : haa shikin.nape carik die?
Me : haaa.owhh.hehe.k.rina, kite crik shikin kite laaa.

we burst into laughter. & after everytime i ask her bout 'Shikin', she'll ask..
'Shikin kite ke Shikin Pika? '
hahaha..& there.that is how i met her. another pretty lady in Surabaya. :)

this is K.shikyn. aka k.ckyn. :)

they are both my seniors in FKG. ( Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi aka Dentistry) & they finally completed their studies.
& i bet, they are busy packing right now.hehe.
well. they must be
so relieved.
5-long-years in Surabaya. the pressure. not only in studies.but also in daily routine life.

more than a senior.
that's what they are. as i told earlier, they are my kakak.
the one i share with. not only about studies.
but about life too..
i've known them for two years. & along those years..they have been so nice to me.
making me part of them, makes me feel blessed.
we laugh together, we cry together. we advise one another. we listened. we shared.
we went for go kart. holidays. malls of course. penyet-ing. sleepover.swimming & etc etc etc...

& they have been so supporting. they actually teaches me a lot on what's important in Dentistry.
& the best part is..they never treat me like a junior.
they treat me like a friend.
like a sister..which i'm so blessed to have them as friends.

Goodbyes are hard to say.
cos along those words, there are droplets of tears that will comes along.
thank you for the memories, for each & every doings, for each & every advise, for everything.
I'm so gonna miss the two of you. so much..

K.rina, i'm so gonna miss you.
miss talking to you bout your patients, bapak beca yang gatal : Bpk T ( bukan nama sebenar), miss asking you what time is it, JMP-ing & i'll miss your hugs. :')

&& K.ckyn, i'm so gonna miss talking & laughing with you.
talking bout weird stuff, 'lab coats', trying new things, doing some new weird faces.hehe..i'm so gonna miss you.

i'm sorry if any of my doing & saying that might hurt you guys in biggest & humblest apologize.
do take care of yourself. & i will be sitting here waiting for an invitation card from each of you. :)
i love you guys so much! :')

Surabaya is so gonna miss you. :")
sobs sobs..


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

aww pika, ure so sweet la buat post cmni. ni rase cm nk pelok2 kuat2. smpai mletup! we'll be back! lurve yah. gonna miss u! i c u bec in msia hun!

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

syafika takde H,,,
i luv u more than words can say :)
pasni pika la pulak jadi kakak,,haa,,tak lame lg ade junior baru dah kaan..

skrg dh pukul brape????

iecka said...

k.ckyn ; hee.ur even sweeter k.ckyn! :) so gonna hug you bfore u go back this time.hehe. miss u much much! :))

iecka said...

k.rina ; :)) thank you so much k.rina..will be missing you like crazy after this.huu..but i will always be ur junior yg ospek takkan abis.hehe.

p/s ; pukul 3 pagiiii.hehe.

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

Tembak senyum!!!!!!!!!!!!


i mis u sistah!

iecka ♥ said...

*bangg banggg banggg*

muahahaha! ;P