Thursday, 26 August 2010

bad dream

it's just a bad baaaaad baaaaaaaad dream.isn't it?
hopefully it is.
oowh.i woke up straight away after having this dream.
hopefully everything's alright.
time for Sahur.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


i'm home.
what more can i say.
it feels like HEAVEN.
had murtabak singapore, nasi beriyani kambing, mee rebus, satay ayam, tahu bakar & others for berbuka just now.
feel bloated!
hope this gonna be even better after this :)
gonna write some more soon.

Monday, 16 August 2010

an ease of mind

"Kerana sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan. 
Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan."

(Surah al-Insyirah: 5-6)

can i just say that i love this? :)

Her Big Day

last 11th of August was her birthday.
Syazana Ali Sabri's birthday!
woot woot! :)

but before the 11th itself,
we had a surprised birthday celebration for her as she's going back on the 10th.
we had dinner in Rumah Makan Layar & went Karaoke-ing
we surprised her with a surprise birthday cake at the karaoke.

Kangkung Hotplate & Chilli Crab
*still learning how to eat ketam. ;P *

at Layar's & karaoke. :D

we got her a 'Dr Pork Chop' as present.
but not the real present.hehe.
towards the end, we forced her to stay for awhile



&& TADAA! :))

thanks for almost everything we had together.
& thanks for everything that you tried to make it possible for me.
i love you bits & pieces.
hope this new age brings you more happiness & joy & took away all those blues.
may Allah always always always bless you!
love you much!  

thanks guys for making that night a success.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


another year of a beautiful month has finally landed.
Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.
hopefully more miracle happens in this very special month.
wish more, pray more, be more.
insyaAllah, He's listening. :)

sorry for any wrongdoings or words that might hurt anyone in anyways.
hopefully we'll be better in all ways starting this month. :)

Selamat Berpuasa Everyone! <3

a day before the day :)


it was 10th of August.
a day before the day.hee.
i would say i had almost everything yesterday!
bloated bloated me! 
full with food. ( kunun kunun nak puasa takut kempunan.muahaha)
as usual, lunch at Nasi Padang, while waiting for my housemate to finish her exam.
well, had the same menu.
Nasi Padang with Sayur Pucuk, a bit of Curry, Rendang ( Kuah only), Sambal Merah & Ayam Bakar.
( yes. saya cerewet makan. hehe ;P )
with me, two out of three pshycotic person in my faculty. the boys.
Naseem & Hafeez. Arif? MIA.
& here they are.

haha. sorry guys. selamat hari raya! ;P

& after that, off to Galaxy Mall ( GM ),  Syaz wanna get a grab before going back. & there we are.
at GM, we had meals some more. i mean, me.

this is tako chiro. & i'm addicted to it. like so much.
it comes with few different options ; octupus, prawn & chicken ham and cheese.
my favourite? Octupus! :)
tempting kannn? ;P

camwhoring with tako chiro. hee.thanks Syaz. :)

& Syaz had Quali. Nasi Tim with Daging Sapi. niceeee.! 

Miss Housemate aka Syaz :)
happy holiday babe! :))

7.00 pm. 10th August 2010.
TP Mall.
having dinner with my lovely sisters. hehe. 
so long didn't get to see one another.
since it's Puasa tomorrow, why not kan? hehe.
some more pix. :)

K.Nad & me.
she's looking gorgeous last night. as always :)

Hachi Hachi. Nice! :)
K.Amar & K.Ezy. both looking pretty! :)
get well soon K.Ezy!
mirror mirror :D 

my sisters <3

later we went for window shopping. & i got what i want. yeayyy!
after several uncountable minutes of course.
sampai tutup kedai.
& we were the last customers.

*duit terbang*
at the cashier counter. see. we're the last customers! haha.
phewittt. pretty lady di situu. *wink*

out of all, yesterday was a great day! 
&& i actually get to see my sisters! miss u guys much much <3 
thank youu for ur time last night. it was nice! :))

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Good Luck Charm

.Elmo Si Good Luck Charm. hee

Hoping the best for tomorrow.
Starting with Faal, Anatomy Lecture & Anatomy Lab.
tomorrow's gonna be fineeee.
& after that, HOME SWEET HOME. :)

p/s ; isn't she adorable? hehe. ;P

Monday, 9 August 2010

dusty dusty blog. sorry been abandoning you. sangat super busy.
btw, i'm going home in 10 days! :))
can't wait.
loved ones, stand still okayy?
soon is the favourite word now. heee.

can't wait to be home. lie down on the couch. conquering the remote control.
dine in. eat Ibu's cooking. Wangsa Walk-ing ( the nearest.hihi )
meet my baby putih. owhh yes! puasa is around the corner.
boleh buka puasa & makan banyak banyak.weeee!
murtabak, roti john, kuih pelita, samosa, char kuey tiaw.yummms!
deli-ciousss! *wink*

to whom it may concern, you owe me too many icecream's time to redeem. ;P
gonna update more soon.
for now, Faal & Anatomy awaits.
yes. sebelum dapat happiness harus sakit dulu. sakit = pain = exam.muahaha.
*tade mood for exam.only thinking of home right now*