Wednesday, 11 August 2010

a day before the day :)


it was 10th of August.
a day before the day.hee.
i would say i had almost everything yesterday!
bloated bloated me! 
full with food. ( kunun kunun nak puasa takut kempunan.muahaha)
as usual, lunch at Nasi Padang, while waiting for my housemate to finish her exam.
well, had the same menu.
Nasi Padang with Sayur Pucuk, a bit of Curry, Rendang ( Kuah only), Sambal Merah & Ayam Bakar.
( yes. saya cerewet makan. hehe ;P )
with me, two out of three pshycotic person in my faculty. the boys.
Naseem & Hafeez. Arif? MIA.
& here they are.

haha. sorry guys. selamat hari raya! ;P

& after that, off to Galaxy Mall ( GM ),  Syaz wanna get a grab before going back. & there we are.
at GM, we had meals some more. i mean, me.

this is tako chiro. & i'm addicted to it. like so much.
it comes with few different options ; octupus, prawn & chicken ham and cheese.
my favourite? Octupus! :)
tempting kannn? ;P

camwhoring with tako chiro. hee.thanks Syaz. :)

& Syaz had Quali. Nasi Tim with Daging Sapi. niceeee.! 

Miss Housemate aka Syaz :)
happy holiday babe! :))

7.00 pm. 10th August 2010.
TP Mall.
having dinner with my lovely sisters. hehe. 
so long didn't get to see one another.
since it's Puasa tomorrow, why not kan? hehe.
some more pix. :)

K.Nad & me.
she's looking gorgeous last night. as always :)

Hachi Hachi. Nice! :)
K.Amar & K.Ezy. both looking pretty! :)
get well soon K.Ezy!
mirror mirror :D 

my sisters <3

later we went for window shopping. & i got what i want. yeayyy!
after several uncountable minutes of course.
sampai tutup kedai.
& we were the last customers.

*duit terbang*
at the cashier counter. see. we're the last customers! haha.
phewittt. pretty lady di situu. *wink*

out of all, yesterday was a great day! 
&& i actually get to see my sisters! miss u guys much much <3 
thank youu for ur time last night. it was nice! :))

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