Monday, 9 August 2010

dusty dusty blog. sorry been abandoning you. sangat super busy.
btw, i'm going home in 10 days! :))
can't wait.
loved ones, stand still okayy?
soon is the favourite word now. heee.

can't wait to be home. lie down on the couch. conquering the remote control.
dine in. eat Ibu's cooking. Wangsa Walk-ing ( the nearest.hihi )
meet my baby putih. owhh yes! puasa is around the corner.
boleh buka puasa & makan banyak banyak.weeee!
murtabak, roti john, kuih pelita, samosa, char kuey tiaw.yummms!
deli-ciousss! *wink*

to whom it may concern, you owe me too many icecream's time to redeem. ;P
gonna update more soon.
for now, Faal & Anatomy awaits.
yes. sebelum dapat happiness harus sakit dulu. sakit = pain = exam.muahaha.
*tade mood for exam.only thinking of home right now*

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