Sunday, 12 September 2010

still breathing..

in the name of Merciful Allah, i'm still standing here.

what happen yesterday, really make me realize, how precious our life is...

it was 4 o'clock in the evening. i started the car sister walked & got into the car.
the other one was still with my aunts & uncles.laughing.shaking hands.hand full with 'duit raya'.
she walked into the car as well.the three of us were in the same car.
i looked on my right.
another dad was still talking to my uncle.through the car window.
they shook a sign of making ways to the next house.
another two sisters of mine.& my mum were in the car.
i changed my sight.infront of iswara.
my uncle's family.
these three cars convoyed to my hometown.since it's raya.

i waited for them to make a move.
we chatted in the car.
til my dad make the move.
to the next house.

omg.the road were full with cars.
 not so many.but my goodness.the speed make them look more than the actual number.
i have to make a go to the another's about 10minutes journey before i reached my grandma sister's house.
oowh yes. the cars.
fast.too fast...
we said a little prayers as usual.

10 minutes later..
we reached there.
in order to really get there, we have to make cross a junction.
from my car, i can already see them.
my uncles.
those small ones..
they were running & chasing one another.
oowh.i almost made it.this is the first time i drove this far.
but the road was too busy.the cars were speeding like mad.
i thought 'kampung' don't have this kind of traffic.
well, my uncle & my dad crossed the junction.
oowh shoot.i got left behind.couldn't make it.the cars were speeding..

'right after this red car, should be okay.the next car is still far behind'.said my sister.
looking at the car, i agreed with her.
red car passed by.& this is it.
here we go!
i crossed.the coming car was still far.
okay, this should be okay.

oowh shoot! there's a hole!
i turned the steering to avoid from getting into the hole & tried to make it.



i was blur.very very blur indeed.
i don't know what to do. i heard my aunt's screaming. 
from what i could still remember, i saw..
my dad, my mum & my uncles ran towards our car. 
i saw so many people pulled over.
i was very very shocked.
i don't know what to do.
my uncle asked me to unlock the door.
i did.& he asked my sisters & i to get out from the car.
i listened to him. i was like a hypnotized person.
just listen & couldn't think.
i don't even pulled the hand break nor i stopped the car properly.

i was very shocked.& i was shivering.
i got out from the car.& as i stood on the ground, i felt really weak.
it's like my legs couldn't bear to support my body.
my knees were shivering.i lost my sight for a while.
my mum grabbed me, & brought me to the sisters were crying.traumatized.

& from far, i could see them argued.
the driver blamed me & my uncles blamed him.
the coming car didn't even slow down the car.instead, he tried to change the lane.
expecting me to make it through.
but luck was not in our side..
his front part of his car was a total wrecked.
mine, on the other hand, a minor damaged at the back tyre.but still, my car couldn't move anymore.unlike his.

i looked at my one bruises.
i looked at myself.none as just my right hand & head were hardly bang to the the door.
luckily i put on my seatbelt. 

after a while, we went to the police station to make a report.
both side has been fined.
my car has been brought to the workshop & the driver make his way back home.

but most of all, i thanked God so much for still giving me this chance to stay alive.
i think twice.
there were so many possibilties that might happen after being knocked down by the car.
too many possibilities.
but He still give us chances.
if this is not because His mercy,
i won't be here anymore.
writing.& telling you guys this.
thank you ya Allah..
Syukran ya Allah...

this has been one of the unforgettable moment of my life.
& this incident has teached me lessons.
to be more careful.
to always try to improve.
to always love my family.
& to treasure my life when i still have it.

i praised Allah for still giving me this chance. 
eventhough i'm still traumatized of steering.
& eventhough, at first, i refused to get on the car.
& eventhough, i still had this incident keep on running in my head.
i still praised Allah & be grateful of this good health He gave.& still giving.

this is a true story of me on the 2nd day of Syawal.which was yesterday.
be more careful. & don't take anyone, including yourself, for granted. 
for me, i'm still traumatized.but i won't just stop here.
& i thanked Allah for still giving me chance to grab my dreams.

what i had, might sound simple compare to what we've heard or watched on TVs.
but for me, this is huge.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone.
Maaf Zahir Batin.


Amar Amirah said...

ya Tuhan bdk niii..
hish..nasib baik selamat tau! emph emph emphhh (mcm makcik2)

iecka ♥ said...

k.amar ; tulaa k.amar.syukur gile tade pape. if tak, hmmmm.tak dpt jdk doc gigi..huuuu.
hehehe.suke laaa gegaye macik macik tuuu.hahaha,
thanks k.amar.suwitttt laaa k.amar nieyh.hehe

psychokiddo said...

omggg,,, nasib baek you're safe and everyone else pon safee! next time berhati hati di jalan rayeee aite! :)

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

pika!! thank goodness u r okey! camne jadi camni~ suspen je orang bace tadi! takecare budak kecik..

iecka ♥ said...

psychokiddo ; tulaaaa.thank God everyone's okay.alhamdulillah sangat.if not, i dunno laa what will happen.huuu. thanks ili squeek! xoxo :) i will be more careful next tyme.

iecka ♥ said...

k.ckyn ; k.ckyn! huuu. alhamdulillah sgt im okayy.& my sisters too. kuat jugak BANGG.but thank God takde was very fast.right after kena BANGG, pika still blurr.huu
thanks k.ckyn! how thoughtful of u.i will.u take care too ye kakak kecik! :) xoxo

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

pika!!wowww..mesti trauma kan. thank god u and ur sisters are ok :) *syukur*
lain kali careful k.smue org mase raya ni rushing :p

iecka ♥ said...

k.nad ; huhu.thank God sgt k.nad.trauma..but kena lawan.sbb takowt nnt fobia nak bwk keta. :(
hehe.but for now, pika stop dulu dr bwk keta..hehe

iecka ♥ said...
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