Saturday, 30 October 2010


& again, TERKENA LAGI!
mission accomplished for this year.
k.amar's version. :P

happy birthday k.amar! 
we had planned this from the 28th oct itself.
thought of doing it straight on that day.
but, i had some stuff to be done.

sorry k.amar! 

well.planned them.with k.ckyn.hehe
& make them happen yesterday.
so, it's a belated.

went to Galaxy Mall.
but this time the trick was different.
thanks to super natural actresses : K.ckyn & K.min.
make it happened without being smelled. hihi.

we had dinner at the Mr Spazz Spagetti
well.i had pizza btw. LOL
& surprise k.amar with a pancake.hehe.with ice cream topping on top!

Owner Of Belog Cap Ayam has finally reached 23! 
YEAY! Da bole kawin! 

it was simple.
i have to admit.
but it's precious.
& that is important to me.

& next year.
i'll be looking at this.

like how i look at these now.


Happy Birthday.
Thanks For Every Single Thing.
Including Nasi Lemak tadi & The Phone Call.
I Hope Yesterday Marks A Zillion Memories In Your Mind & Heart.
Note That We Love You No Matter What.
Through Thick Or Thin.
Through Storm Nor Shine.
We Will Always Love You.

& For Me.
I Will Always Love You.
& What You've Done For Me.
Are Uncountable.
Like Rains Pour The Ground.
Like Sands In The Sea.
Like Leaves On Trees.
Thank You So Much.

Wishing You All The Best & Happiness & Success In The Whole Wide World.

I Love You. 

WWS ; Yesterdays was awesome.but nothing last forever.sometimes things that happen might hurt.but think twice.they might be world best teacher people learned to grow best from experience. :') note to self.


Suehaily Mohd Jiwa said...

oh yes!i loike for that wws.note to myself too

iecka ♥ said...

elly ; hehe.wws stands for 'winkwink says'.hehe.which is me.glad it's a note for u too.& glad sharing them! :)

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

terlepas birthday dah due. sob sob sob. T_T

iecka ♥ said...

satu lagi bday sape k.rina?

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

bday min kt amgrill kot. tak tau plak tu suprise party. kata makan2 je. mase tu sengkek nauzubillah. huhu.

iecka ♥ said...

haa.yekew? hahah.blur sungguh pika.ari nieyh bru tauu nieyh.hahaha