Monday, 29 November 2010

wedding bells !


last two days pergi wedding orang sini. :D

oowh. this is my very first time,
attending local's wedding.
here in Surabaya. :)

sempat lagi kan ? HAHAH. biar laaaaah. ;P
ehemm. this is while waiting for housemate.
fullstop. hee.

the wedding is not much different from ours.
 still got canopy, food, people & of course, the brides ! :)

but but but.
still there's here & there.

they have like canopy over here.while we have canopies. got what i mean? 
&& they don't have Nasi Minyak for wedding. 
but still, great food over here. 

&& they don't have Tepung Tawar over here.
like we do. 
they brides just sit on the Pelamin itself & take pictures & guest just got onto the Pelamin when they're about to leave. & take pictures some more. :)

& they had veryyy classy Javanese style wedding over here. 
you can see, they still keep those Javanese touch in every detail of the wedding.
like Java Batik, the deco & others :)
guys will be wearing those thing on their head, which i have no idea what it is call.
like we Malays, guys will be wearing Tanjak. 
oowh my. is it called Tanjak too?

oowh & yes. 
lots & lots of bunga Tanjung ( if i'm not mistaken ) worn by the brides.

meet my housemate & i. 
we go for green ! & this is so not planned. hee

one thing i like ! 
we are given souvenir as token of appreciation before we left.
we got KIPAS ! hihihi.
Lovely & Useful.

Please Mind That Surabaya Has Reached The Temperature of 37 degrees. =.=' or MORE.

ookay. tak de kerjaan namanye ni ye. hiks ~

& YES. this is our daily transportation.
from home to campus. campus to home. home to dine. dine to Alfamart. Alfamart to Super Indo.
n so on. 

besides Bemo or Angkot.
which stands for Angkotan Kota.

oowh. btw, Angkot is a Van-like vehicles. :)

ookayy ! nak balik dah. siang siang tak bole duduk luar lama lama.
insyaAllah berbelang belang kalau berjemur.
don't even think of Sunbathing over here people.

it is SUPER HOT.

bubyeee! :)


Suehaily Mohd Jiwa said...

heh!color baju pengantin tu turqoise sgt chantek weh
btw kau pun chentek weh..bila mau kawin??haha

nursyafiqahjamaluddin said...

ika. syaf ade tag kat ika kat blog.. :)

iecka ♥ said...

elly ; cantik kan? aku pun duk berangan nak kawen pkai turquoise. cm cantikk jew.hee. ;P but byk lagi option dlm hati. acecece. takde calon. crikkan laaaa :P kau kawen dulu ookay? aku tggu kau dulu. heee

iecka ♥ said...

syaf ; waaa. thank you syaf dh bg ika keje. hehehe. balik nnt ika wat ek. nk gy class nieyh. thank you for tagging ! :)