Sunday, 5 December 2010

fight for you !

' i believe the children are our future.
teach them well and let them lead the way,
show them all the beauty they possess inside,
give them a sense of pride,
to make it easier,
let the children's laughter,
remind us how we use to be.'

credits to Whitney Houston for Greatest Love of All. :)

children are like white clothings.
they are so pure yet they don't know a thing on what life has to offer.
the one that has 'been there & done that', are responsible to colour them.
with good, ambitious & warm colour.

as we can see, life is getting crazier than ever.
child abuse has getting from bad to worst.
they are not abused physically or mentally only, 
but also sexually.

where is the sense of human we have ?
how could we do this to them.
is it fair to punish someone, for something they have no idea of ?

pity them. love them. care for them. :')

with those, 
lets join the 'Fight Against Child Abuse' !

how ? SO SIMPLE ! :)
change your profile picture on Facebook to a cartoon character from your childhood to show you support & care till this Monday which is 6th of Dec 2010.

lets see some of my friend's profile pics !
skodeng jummmmm! ;P

Lizzie Mcguire The Series. So Much Attitude. I loike ! ;P

Aiyarkkk ! Kimberly from Go Go Power Rangers. My Favourite ! :D

Princess Jasmine ! :) This is dear housemate's current profile picture. 

Kluang Man & Tiong Man. Hahah ! Comel kannn ? heee.

& This is Mine ! 

Little Ariel ! :) 
psst psst : some way some how, we share something in common. *wink*

today is 5th of Dec.
you can still make it. 
a day to go !

better late than never.

so, come & join this event !
pick a cartoon character & paste them right ahead ! 



SAFfy SafiAh said...

bangun pagipagi nampak ade orang puji kite kat blog dy :'B
huu. yes, fight again child abuse. the least we can do is show them how we hate them!

iecka ♥ said...

hee.comel sgt laa k.saffy ! :D
dulu balikbalik sekolah je terus duduk dpn tv. DISNEYCHANNEL PLEASE ! heee.

yes yes ! u go kiddo ! :)

Sachi Asukai said...

waaaa!!!kimberly!my favouritas toooo!!!!!haiyak!:)

iecka ♥ said...

sachi asukai ; hee. is it ? bestt kan power rangers kan? hehe. yeayy! aiyakk! :P