Monday, 31 January 2011

anger in Egypt

things been very messy in Egypt. 
gunshots & tanks are everywhere.
especially in Cairo.
police are no longer in-charge.
army's out.
curfew has been issued.
food supply decrease from day to day.
internet connection has been cut. 
airport has been closed. 

'Hye yah!'.
a single hello from her relief this thousand questions in our heads.
only Allah knows how worried my parents were & still are.
good to know that things in Mansoura isn't that bad & getting better. 
but they are still being cautious over almost everything.

& from far, i just hope my sister & her friends can go back & get home safely.
praying hard that Allah will always protect them & be there for them.
& hopefully government will as soon as possible, take actions on this issue.
insyaAllah things will get better.
insyaAllah we'll find our way...

la, balik laaa. :(

more wedding bells

to Aisha & Mr hubby, Syed on their wedding ! 

Aisha is a friend of mine, aka my batchmate in Surabaya & she's a doctor gonna be. 
well, atleast in 3 years time. hehe.

we were very very shocked indeed after hearing a news that she's gonna be back in Malaysia, a month ago to get engaged. a pretty shocking news.
what even more surprising, she told us that she'll be getting married a month after that which was yesterday.

despite this shocking news, i have to admit that we were pretty excited & definitely happy for her ! 

& yesterday was her big day. 
looking at her, i know she's very very happy !
well, who doesn't right ? hehe

dearest housemate with Aisha ( in red ) & hubby .
( syaz, i curi pics ni from your album tauuuuu . hihi )

wedding bells atmosphere. haaaaaaaa
*gelak stress* hahah.


a snap with the bride. aaaaaa ! :))


bride bestest partner in crime, the bridesmaid aka Jahan, the sister.
she's also studying in Surabaya & she's a pharmacist soon-to-be :)) 

oowh. kitorang powerpuff girl hijau for the day. eheh. 
meet my super gorgeous mate, Chun <3 hee

overall, food was great. 
wedding runs well.
everything is very very nice. 

Congratulation Aisha ! 
May you guys be happy always.
& Lots of luck in future undertaking.
especially in studies & in new life ahead. 

nasi bukhara was super sedap !
time to go home. chow ! 

Monday, 24 January 2011


stress stress stress. stresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

stress kan ? okay tu je. peace!