Thursday, 7 April 2011


Olla amigos' ! ;)

Found this sign board in USS. Vain kan ?
Wait til you see 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Betty Boops' & the rest of the character!
Well, 'Frankenstein' was a lil bit too 'friendly'. Eyh?
Funny though. How he actually treats people when they Q up to take picture with him.
USS is a must-go if you're in Singapore or happen to drop by there. Or on vacation or what.
I actually spent the whole day. The Whole Day, there!
Too many things to be explore.
They have Madagascar, Shrek, The Lost World, Mummy, Sci-Fi & last but not least, Hollywood!

Oowh. Sci-Fi was crazyyyyyyyy!
Happened to be, I actually took a ride on the highest duo roller coaster in the world !
Yes, I was mad. & I was not in a proper condition, where I got hypotized by Aida. Hahah
Well,it's unusual for me to actually took a ride on it.
In the end, as expected, I was stunned & stumbled.
I couldn't move for the first few minutes as I was very very 'impressed' with myself. & of course, the roller coaster. -.-"

Well, too many things to be discovered.
I assure you to actually go there, & experience it yourself! :)
Gonna upload the pics later. Net connection not very good lately.
Aite! That's all for now! Laterrrr! xx :)

Psssttt : I love the part where it goes like ; Population : Glamourous. Aaaa Vain! Hahah ;P
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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Some people just don't know how to mind their own business.
Some people just don't know how to lead a simpler life.
& some people just don't know how to just only talk about what they have, what they own & what they're into.

I'm sorry to say this, but..
U bore me.

Please. Let us live peacefully.
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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Random Sayings

'Cintailah aku sepenuh hati,
Sesungguhnya aku tak ingin kau pergi,
Takkan mampu ku hadapi dunia ini,
Tiada arti semua bila kau pergi...'

Though it's the hardest thing to be done,
Though it's the toughest thing to be face,
I close my eyes & put myself at ease,
Convincing oneself that one day I'll find peace.

To be away is tough,
Letting go, never been easy,
Seeing is heartbreaking,
Accepting is one more thing.

Gathering strength so that I'll keep on moving,
Collecting hopes so that I'll believe in tomorrow,
One thing for sure,
You were there once, & we knew we were.

Nothing much I can do,
To throw this sorrow for good,
Nothing much I can say,
InsyaAllah, I'll find my way.

COPYRIGHT : fiekaKhalim.

Psstt ; just a random morning writing. something came across & poof! here we go. hehe.oowh, that thing I was working on, ( previous previous post ) *ehem has finally ended! woot woot! gonna update soon. ;) take care everyone. HAPPY SUNDAY ! later! bubyeee! xx
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