Thursday, 7 April 2011


Olla amigos' ! ;)

Found this sign board in USS. Vain kan ?
Wait til you see 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Betty Boops' & the rest of the character!
Well, 'Frankenstein' was a lil bit too 'friendly'. Eyh?
Funny though. How he actually treats people when they Q up to take picture with him.
USS is a must-go if you're in Singapore or happen to drop by there. Or on vacation or what.
I actually spent the whole day. The Whole Day, there!
Too many things to be explore.
They have Madagascar, Shrek, The Lost World, Mummy, Sci-Fi & last but not least, Hollywood!

Oowh. Sci-Fi was crazyyyyyyyy!
Happened to be, I actually took a ride on the highest duo roller coaster in the world !
Yes, I was mad. & I was not in a proper condition, where I got hypotized by Aida. Hahah
Well,it's unusual for me to actually took a ride on it.
In the end, as expected, I was stunned & stumbled.
I couldn't move for the first few minutes as I was very very 'impressed' with myself. & of course, the roller coaster. -.-"

Well, too many things to be discovered.
I assure you to actually go there, & experience it yourself! :)
Gonna upload the pics later. Net connection not very good lately.
Aite! That's all for now! Laterrrr! xx :)

Psssttt : I love the part where it goes like ; Population : Glamourous. Aaaa Vain! Hahah ;P
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