Friday, 3 June 2011

howdy !
hey hey.
it has been so long since i last wrote.

what a tiring semester it is.
can't wait for semester break, puasa & raya !
( my favourite part . hikhik )

mind, body & soul are just too tired to keep on going.
well .
like my super Ayah said, " Bukan senang nak senang. & bukan susah nak susah. Hard work is the key to success. No shortcuts. "
too many things slip into my mind lately.
confused. not clear of things. sad. tired. everything.
& lately, i have become a pessimist.
think of negative things. speculating things. imagination running wild.
too much for a PMS syndrome isn't it ?

have to get back on track. stay focus.
insyaAllah it won't be long anymore.
half way done. less than half to go.
praying hard, i'll get through til the end.
bismillah... :)

gonna update more more more. soon soon soon. :))

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