Sunday, 11 March 2012


Two-thousand-eleven has marked beautiful, meaningful and unforgettable events in my life.
( 2011 is like so yesterday la iecka. Yennadai!)

I don't care. I still wanna write. Hehe


1. On top of the list. This :)


KKN BBM 44 Sampang, Desa Panggung

A lot of things that I've learned from this programme, this place and this people. What I can say is, "Don't judge a book by its cover".
This is definitely, a piece of friendship that I'll never forget :)

Sobs sobs. Sedih. Nak KKN lagi boleh tak ? Hahaha. Oowh. Btw, KKN is similar to or means Community Service. Ada ek yang suka ? Aneh. Hehe. Next! :)

2. TSM Charity Golf Dinner
 This is one of the most unforgettable events in 2011, and in my life. I was given the chance to handle the event of the night. From the very start til the very end. Alhamdulillah, despite all the problems that we had, everything went well. It was a tough moment for me, as I was struggling for my finals, trying to catch up with my thesis proposal's deadline, trying to get myself ready ( mentally & emotionally) for KKN ( well, I did tell you, not to judge a book by its cover :p ) & this. I am grateful ( super grateful ), that I have understanding seniors & friends, and juniors that were very cooperative and helpful. Honestly, I could not have done this w/o them. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful :')

See how happy & relieved I was! Pheww! ;)

3. For the very first time, in my life, I received flowers. Okay fine. I received White Lilies from someone. *scream like a highschool girl* Hahaha. Okay. Enough said :P

4. I went to a concert. Here in Surabaya. Yes. Me at a concert. Jazz ROCK concert. Weird right ? Hahah. Never been to one. Well, it was my birthday present. In advance ? Lol. It was a pretty good experience. & lesson to me. Hahah one is, I am not a "rock-concert" material. Two, I swear that I prefer tidying up my room, rather than going to a rock concert. Haha. Anyway, they rawks! *Alaynyaa ejaan* :P

5. I was working on my thesis and have to take some samples. Guess what ? I got to go to schools and acted like real dentist. Well, I am a future dentist ( InsyaAllah ), but it was a great feeling to actually do what you were taught in class. It's awesome to actually practice it in real world. :') Alhamdulillah everything went well. And now, I'm working on my papers. Pray for me okay ? :)

6. I TURNED 22 !
Hahah well, this is an UNFORGETTABLE event in my life. It's not like everyday I turned 22 right ? Hee
I swear, that I have the sweetest friends ever. Starting with the surprise birthday cake, birthday wishes, dinner, a morning visit by my-great-minds-think-alike kakak :') and a surprise birthday celebration! Thank you thank you thank you everyone. May Allah always bless you guys. 

7. I've learned so many new things in 2011. 2011 has made me realized that, we don't get older for nothing. Everyday, we learn new thing about everything. Fact is, we never stop learning. Never. :)

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