Thursday, 5 July 2012

Top Ten. Ten Top. Top Ten.

Top ten ten top top ten ten top !

Whaaattt ?! 

I knoww. Tetiba je kan ? Hihi. Well, I was editing ( STRESS ) my paperwork just now & I decided to give myself a break for a while. 
Well, as usual, 'a while' turn out to be ' few hours' ( I know -.-" ) & yeah. I am still giving myself a break right now. ( Like hello hunny! You have exam tomorrow! ) --" 

I was busy Facebook-ing just now, and suddenly, out of nowhere, I feel like looking at the pictures that I posted before. 
And and and !
I was thinking, of sharing, some of them here. Hehe

So, yes, I'm gonna start posting 'My TOP TEN Favourite Pics' !

One for each post. Hehe

*Seeking for excuses to post something here and not go back to editing & revising for tomorrow's paper :p*

[ WARNING ! This post may cause nausea ] 
[ HEHE ]

{ ONE }

Jeng jeng !

This is one of my favourite pics. What's so special about this pic is, it's something spontaneous for my sister's 20th birthday. 
And it was taken, few minutes before 12 o'clock :)
Ooh well, this is like a year ago.

What I love about this picture ? 
Let me see...

I was skinny [ VERY ] when this was taken. 
Look at my cheekbones! 
Okay. Stress. I need to lose some kilos lahh. 
Please lahhhh. Tell me howww. 
Please lahhh. 

Well, back to the pic, she (my sister) loves it ! She even put this as her profile picture for a week !
*Jimat duit present*

I guess, I better throw my broadband away & get back to editing & start revising now.
Will continue later :D 

Till then, good night & sleep tight bloggers ! 

Oowh yea ! 

Semoga esok hari adalah permulaan yang baik untuk buku amalan kita. 
& I'm looking forward to seeing Ramadhan this year. Beyond excited ! 

Toodles & Salam everyone! 

* This is a boring post, posted by a boring blogger. Hope you guys don't mind. Hihi*

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