Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Sometimes, at certain point, you get so tired over people's behaviours'. They always expect others to understand them, but they never really try to understand other people. Sadly, they don't realize that. Some people think, that you are super mighty "Badang", heart as hard as rock, loud and strong, and tough. Tell you what. No one in this world is that tough. And that strong. No one. And in case you forgot, let me remind you. I'm just an ordinary person, who laugh, cry, do crazy things, get mad, get disappointed and fall in love with 1001 beautiful things. I'm not Superman. So please, consider others.

Strong is not my middle name. What I did, was to make sure that I'll be in a good condition. Stop acting like I don't have a heart. I'm not bulletproof.

Everyone think I'm strong. But I'm not. 
I'm just trying to protect myself and my feelings. From.. everything. 

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